AL ALAMEA for Importing Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment and Necessity was founded in 2005 and has been active in the following areas :


  • Our Healthcare Department deals with Medical equipment projects in Libya
  • Healthcare supplies
  • Consultancy
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Device and Equipment Maintenance .


We have been involved in the Libyan healthcare market - collectively as an organization and as individuals- for the last 13 years. We have served as successful catalysts and promoters and as a reliable interface between International manufacturing companies and the Libyan market which, unlike the markets in the developed world, is unique and extremely difficult, with many hurdles to overcome, requiring local knowledge and a good network of relationships.




AL ALAMEA Company Profile


We are a first class local Libyan Agent, Distributor and Representative, taking care take care of sales, after-sales service, and business development, including but not limited to:

  1. Educational and promotional services, and product launches
  2. Business generation, growth and technical representation
  3. Follow -up of potential and ongoing projects
  4. Installation, maintenance, warranty periods, traceability, locating of all units and preparing and continually updating databases of the existing equipment for easy follow
  5. We establish a Libyan connection for manufacturers, by creating a direct channel in case of customer complaints and service orders
  6. Due to ongoing changes in the market, especially towards privatization, (although not clearly established yet), we serve as an exclusive agent and importers of Healthcare supplies and cover both the private and public sectors, which we expect to develop strongly over the next two to three






Tripoli: 10 employees excluding company representatives.

The number of employees will be increased as necessary in line with market development needs.

AL ALAMEA provides full packages for Medical Consultancy, Healthcare Planning, Medical Equipment, Teaching and Training Programmes.


Some of AL ALAMEA’s Partners / Principals whom we represent and whose products we distribute in Libya exclusively are :



  • IC Products
  • Ortho-Trauma (UK) Limited
  • Kimal
  • BSN
  • Smith&nephew


The above Partners / Principals and others are ready to provide references on demand regarding the high quality of our services .


We are qualified, experienced and well equipped to prepare market research studies for selected products and market sectors in a market expected to be booming in the near future.


The public sector remains the major part of the market while the private sector is still struggling due to the low income of the general public. Therefore, the private sector clinics tend to prefer lower priced and lesser known brands. We satisfy the needs of both the Public and Private sectors.






AL ALAMEA is a Private Sector Company founded in 2005 for the commercialization of state of the art and specialized medical devices. Since its inception, its primary goal has been to provide outstanding quality of a variety of medical devices and services through innovation and outstanding customer service.






Our Management and carefully selected employees already enjoy a high reputation in our country’s health sector and the quality, knowledge and experience of our people are the main components that make up our Company’s identity. We continually strive to improve, modernise and develop our capabilities together with our partners culminating in the highest standards of treatment. We never lose sight of the fact that patients’ health and its maintenance are our top priority.


Our Mission:


  • To be a team of professionals and specialists, collaborating with leading international suppliers.
  • To offer exceptional service to our customers
  • Striving to bring the latest medical technology innovations to Libyan Healthcare
  • To aggressively grow our company through the introduction of new technologies and the expansion of Healthcare Services both through Public and the Private sector
  • Based on the above, to provide our team with a higher standard of living and high job satisfaction


Our Vision :


We aim to excel in providing the best solutions in everything we do in the interests of patients, the medical profession and our staff and stakeholders in our company.


Our Team:


Our objective is to:


  • Attract, motivate and maintain highly qualified staff and
  • Support them in further developing their careers through education and the upgrading of their qualifications




We aim to:

  • Do our best to meet our customers' expectations at all times by continuing to provide the right products and the highest standards of service
  • Treat our customers, partners, staff and administration with respect and fairness at all times. Our byword is “ INTEGRITY”.
  • Perform our work in a spirit of social responsibility


 Our offices:

  • Libya
  • Tripoli
  • Banghazi
  • Tunis
  • Algeria
  • Morocco

Our Company’s Managing Director is: Dr. Lutfi Elghawi – Managing Director (Based in Tripoli)

Tel: +218213633616/17 

Email: info@ /Lutfi@  

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AL ALAMEA for Importing Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment and Necessity.
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